Dear Future Ancestor / Nero Spiral

Meditation: “In the future the dead is all of us – jumped out of the earth to dance again. Every step a reminder of rhythm. Woven into our clothes gleam – dragonfly winged – I remember the good ghosts and carry them with me. Jump out! Back to finish what they started. Hello future ancestor, Hello future ancestor. “

Practice: “Dear future ancestor….” Write a letter to your future ancestor self. Talk about the ways you’ve lived well. Describe the community and contentment you’ve found. Talk about the ease you’ve brought forward. Describe the gifts of healing you’ve left for your lineage. Map out your legacy of joy and support.

For the sake of this letter, try to bring put yourself in a space of wonderment and possibility. Even if it feels like a stretch, see what comes through in your letter if you write yourself as a future ancestor that is full of light.

Prompt by: Hana Worku