Artwork by: Helen Zheng, 17

Heartography – A Map of Your Heart

Gather paper, markers or pencils. This can also be done with collage materials. Make sure you have colors and images that remind you of your loved one(s). Make a map of your heart. Where is your grief located? Express the physical features of your grief. How is it different from other parts of your heart? Where is your grief located at this moment? How many loved ones are you grieving? You might want to include them all. Add places where you get resources. Where do you go to calm yourself or create a safe place to cry? Where do you feel comfortable? Where do you go when you no longer want to visit with grief? What will healing do to your Heartscape? Look into the future. Make an image of your healed heart. Put your heartmap in a special place for safe keeping.

Prompt by: Estelle Rubenstein, MFT
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