A photograph of a white person's hand holding a photograph of an older white woman. In the background is a large body of water.

Carry Them With You

Find or create a likeness of your lost loved one. It could be a photograph, a small sculpture, an object that belonged to the person or something else. Choose something that represents them at their best, the way you want to remember them.

Place the image or object close to you, perhaps by your bed or at your kitchen table – someplace you will be able to see it every day. If your image or object is small enough, it can also be portable. If you are able to leave your house, you can bring it with you. Take your loved one with you on walks, out into nature or to a place of significance. Hold the image or object close to you, ideally in a hand or pocket. Feel their love, draw upon their strength and remember that their presence, while no longer physical, will always be with you.

Prompt by: Izzy Johnson