Artwork by: Charlotte Féquière-Esser, 22

Feel your pain

There is a time for feeling, a time for acknowledging what has happened, and another time for finding the strength to move through the ache.

For now, feel it all.

Take as many deep breaths you need (they might be interrupted by sobs at first).

Rejuvenate in the streams of tears.

Believe. Keep having faith that you will heal because you will. That is crucial.

Indeed, no one had expected what came our way. Perhaps we still have some lessons to learn.

Understand your pain doesn’t justify any unkind gestures whether it be towards yourself or others. Some fight in silence, so be kind and have a gentle soul. It’ll help you see the good in people.

Take your time.

Pray for them. Keep loving them.

I believe in you my friend.

Prompt by: Laïla K., 17