Last year I learned that I shared my August 19th birthday with World Photography Day. As a fine art photographer, I take that as a magical sign. I have always chosen to live life lyrically – to observe the details and the beauty and also the darkness of the passing moments. I have photographed these moments… the pleasant ones, the anxious ones, and those that are a little wild around the edges. I yearn for darkness as much as I do for light.

The pandemic has brought out the best, the worst, and the crazy in everyone. Human nature has been pushed and stretched to new limits. Our raw instincts and survival skills as creatures have been amplified, while struggling with the underlying dream that we are all connected even during these very strange times. Our former lives have been transmuted into a new reality. Indeed, we have gone through a death of our former selves. We are responsible for our rebirth during these uncertain times. And yet, so many beautiful and magical moments still exist to us all, if only we let them in. I wake up each morning with a desire to see the world with fresh eyes, and in this mindful state, I photograph my world. Or maybe it is the reverse?

Try to clear your mind and let go of the stress and worries – just SEE. Documenting the little moments help… even if just capturing the joy of blowing bubbles, the awe of the full moon, or a moth at the window… Everything is magic.

Prompt by: Laura D'Alessandro