A black and white drawing of a person spinning LPs in a darkened room. There are many records pictured, and from many of them bubbles arise that have small drawings of memories inside.

The Power of Music

Music has always been a powerful and multifaceted tool that I have used to navigate myself through all kinds of grief and trauma. Oftentimes, we may be afraid to listen to the songs that remind us of our loved ones who have passed away, because what if the memories come back to us so rapidly that it only makes us feel worse?

If it feels too raw to listen to the old records you found in your loved one’s attic or the playlists that they made for you, another solution is to lay back and play something that you can spin your own meaning onto. An ambient, droning instrumental, some melodic classical music or smooth jazz, calming music that is sung in a language that you do not understand…

Think about what parts of the song your deceased would enjoy, and how they would spend their time listening with you. While you lay down, if feelings rise and overcome you, relax and embrace them.

Prompt by: Ian King