This Too Shall Pass

Radical acceptance is a path. Equanimity is a goal.

Five hundred years ago lived Akbar, third emperor of the Mughal Empire in South Asia. Seeking wisdom from his advisor Birbal, Akbar asked, “What words will always give me counsel, in times of feast and famine, in times of wealth and poverty, and in times of happiness and sorrow? What wisdom do you have that will never fail me, and stand the test of time forever?”

“Your Highness must always remember,” Birbal replied, “This too shall pass.”

Birbal taught Akbar a lesson on impermanence. In Buddhist thought, we spend astonishing amounts of emotional, mental, and behavioral energy that stops us from living in equanimity. Equanimity in our lives means we may reconnect with our compassion and acceptance that comes from accepting the impermanence of all things.

Today, practice mindfulness, accepting your current emotional reality without having feelings toward your feelings. Focus on realizing your full spiritual potential by redirecting your emotional energy. Plant the seeds for a mindfully aware life.

Prompt by: Lee Jin