Embracing Grief as Transformation

The work that grief demands ought to be done every day. That work demands attention and love. The only way to navigate the world as we carry the weight of grief is to hold it with love. That’s also the difficult part; to not detest it, to not want to put it away in inaccessible corners. But the seed of grief demands light – it demands to be watered with one’s affection. So, sit where they used to sit. Lie on their side of the bed. Close your eyes; inhale the presence of the life and love they gifted you – the gift that could only be given to you in their worldly absence. Hold that gift close as you exhale. Then, carry on. Carry on with the gift that will never leave you; the everlasting light of that grief; the everlasting light of that love.

Prompt by: Kashish Gupta, 21
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