Artwork by: Falak Khoja, 21


My dad passed away a year before Covid hit and what made that time of isolation even harder was that I was also going through a really tough time dealing with his passing. As I was trying to get motivation back in my life, I realized over time that what will really help me in this situation is to turn grief into drive to do great things. Knowing that my dad would want to see me live my life is the greatest feeling because I know I have that ability to make him proud. That is exactly why I sit here today writing this and why I created this portrait of my dad. My story and things I have learned may help someone else and with that I am currently in the process of turning that pain into inspiration.

Instead of letting your pain take over negatively, use it as a positive way to change your life. Although a person isn’t physically there, their memories are still within you. At the end of the day it’s all about what you choose to do with those memories – let it bring you down or conquer each day with a purpose to continue to live your life. So ask yourself, what is your purpose in life and how can you take this hard time and change your life?

Prompt by: Falak Khoja, 21