Talking to Loved Ones

Whenever I am grieving over the loss of my loved ones, I talk to them in my head about whatever it is I’m going through, knowing that I won’t be able to hear their answer but also believing that they can hear me, and that they will find some way to answer me and help me with whatever is ailing me. I pray to them, asking them to help anyone in our family that needs help, and reminding them how much I love them and miss them. This does not make the pain and grief go away, but it makes it easier to cope with having lost those that I love.

Whenever you feel those feelings of loss come over you, talk to the loved ones that you are grieving over, and tell them about everything that’s been on your mind and everything you’ve been going through. You won’t be able to hear their answer from their voice, but they will listen. Always remember that they love you, and that they are watching over you and protecting you.

Prompt by: Maison Teixeira