Go in front of the whitest wall in your house.
Put your right cheek on the wall, it’s like hearing the voice of the wall.
Close your both eyes and think about baby hands- with all the details- chubby hands, wrinkles, how it moves-
Countless these little hands are growing from the wall .
Those little hands will take your grief and tears.
Since you are crying right now.
The little hands slowly wipe away your tears and touch your cheeks softly.
It’s very bizarre things,
But very warm ones.
Your sorrow,
Your grief,
Little hands take all of your worries.
A step away from the wall with your eyes closed.
When you open your eyes again, all the little hands disappear.
Your chest lightens.
Your burden lightens.
I want you to be the hand to someone next to you tomorrow.

Prompt by: Dasol Hong