The Grief of Growth

Often when we go through a major change in our lives, we unknowingly mourn the loss of that version of ourselves. This death of a self can also occur through good change, and we get confused about why we feel sad when our life changes for the better. Acknowledging this loss of who you were can lead to better acceptance of who you are today, as well as realizing how much you have been through and how far you have come. Think of at least five of your past selves that were put to rest through some major change, write about them, make art about them, or just acknowledge them. What change led to that version of you disappearing? See how their absence has created the present you.

Some examples: Myself when I was at that old job. Myself when I had a substance abuse problem. Myself when I was dating that person. Myself when I had that hobby. Myself before that person passed. Myself when I was in school. Almost any major event works.

Prompt by: Joey Knox-Carr
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