The Musing Below Helps Me Let Go

The musing below helps me let go.

Whenever we paint our nails, we are more aware of the bones of the fingers.
Take those moments with your body.
The tick marks of my life that used to hold milestones
are now compounding uncertainties. Let’s paint our nails and create our own chapters to remember these days by.
Mourning the confidence of previous years, I let the full summer clouds envelop me.
Thick and full and messy.
Those clouds wash my car, my residence, my boney fingers and the polish that temporarily resides.
That seems ok for now.
Life is just the clouds
but we continue to trace and trace until they pass
and we are left with the empty sky as they move from us
because we do not accept them for how they are.

Beautiful cloud, beautiful self that I cannot hold.

Prompt by: Meredith Elder