A painting in watercolor and ink; the top half shows a head and shoulders in black, with geometric patterns engraved like rays radiating around the head, the face cast down, all against a sky of black paint patterned with the rough texture of the paper. The bottom half of the image is a lighter gray, with the central body of the figure extending down to the legs, which are covered by a small bright green tree with black ink trunk. A small patch of bright sky-blue is visible beneath the tree on one side.

Exercising Your Grief

Exercise is an important component to staying healthy and is a natural mood-elevator.

What are your favorite physical activities? How could you incorporate more movement into your daily life? Can you find a natural setting in which to be physically active?

Take a walk. Ride a bike. Jog. Stretch. Even the briefest periods of movement are valuable.

Prompt by: National Hospice Cooperative (NHC)