Tell Your Story in Colors and Shapes

Tell your story in colours and shapes: Gather some paper and art supplies — anything you like. How would you draw the story of your loss without using any identifiable images, just shapes and colours? Take some time to think about this — what shape and colour is your grief? How have those shapes and colours shifted or changed? What might they look like in future? Now, let those images pour out of your heart, through your hand and onto the page. If this feels overwhelming, try setting a timer, even just for five minutes. This can help set some boundaries around emotions — you’ll stop working when the alarm goes off and return to your daily activities — and it can help you be more playful. Instead of labouring to create a “beautiful” image, work quickly, focus on the process and don’t stress about the results. This is an exercise you’re doing for yourself, and you don’t have to show it to anyone or worry about what they might think. You can even recycle it afterwards.

Prompt by: Sarah Leavitt