A photograph of a crude looking abstract sculpture wrapped with wax paper and twine.

The Texture of Memory

What is the moment you hold in memory when you were the most alive with your beloved? Dwell in the knowing of that aliveness. Remember the light that day, the way the air felt around you. The sounds, colors, the space that held you. The texture of the earth under you, the movement of things around you. Sit with the way all your cells were awake in that moment, because they will help you remember.

Create an object to honor this aliveness. An image cut from a magazine, a piece of cloth, a drawing, words your beloved spoke to you written over and over until the paper is black, any token that holds the feeling of that moment when you were alive together. Stitching with needle and thread helps, or wrapping with ribbon or strips of newspaper – the repetitive movement, the winding, circling, the quiet focus. And wax dripped first or finally. Anything that feels tender, that helps you dwell there, that helps you love.

Prompt by: Jennifer Sargent