An abstract painting that has a dark background with colorful details - broad orange and purple brushstrokes, blue highlights, black scribbled lines. The word "happy" is written in cursive handwriting in bright green.

Welcoming Happiness

Can you be happy at the crossroads of grief? Is it allowed? Do you feel guilty for being happy sometimes?

Place your bare feet flat on Mother Earth, your hands on your heart and close your eyes. Inhale and imagine your breath entering from the sky into the crown of your head. Recollect your most beautiful memory of your loved one or an event you can no longer participate in, or have limited access to. As you see this image in your mind’s eye, bring your breath deeper into your body, and then into your heart. Bring a smile to your heart, and if you can, a smile to your face. What sensations, colors and smells do you recollect? Hold them in your heart for a moment and breathe. Take a deeper breath and sigh deeply into your belly, and allow it to release through the bottom of your feet releasing all guilt and unease about being happy. Be in this moment and allow your eyes to open with happiness.

Prompt by: Yvonne Brock