A horizontally-oriented color photograph of a large pile of ashes with burned incense sticks at the center. In the background of the image are black and white writings and drawings.

Connecting Through Rituals

Rituals symbolically connect us to the larger world and each other and those who have come before us. There is some evidence the actions in rituals may actually release endorphins, which can ease anxiety and provide a sense of calm and well-being.

Reflect on what were some of your loved one’s favorite places, items, or activities. Intentionally choose to participate in these things, perhaps on special dates. Examples would include preparing a favorite dessert, wearing a favorite piece of jewelry, traveling to a place they enjoyed or lighting a candle in their honor. What were some of their favorite things and places? How can you incorporate these to feel connected to your loved one?

Prompt by: National Hospice Cooperative (NHC)