A black background with an abstract symmetrical line drawing comprised of yellow and orange lines on the left half and bright blue lines on the right.

Stopping Thinking

Sometimes our thoughts can tangle us up, and we need a way to break the cycle. Try drawing with both your hands to make you stop thinking and to help you relieve your emotions and stress onto a paper.

Find a plain piece of paper and two marker pens of different colors. Now tape the sheet of paper onto a table so that it doesn’t move when you start drawing. Now take one pen in each hand. The left half of the sheet is for your left hand and the right half of the sheet is for your right hand. Now put both your hands in the middle of the sheet and mirror your drawing. Draw whatever you like, however you like. This is not a drawing competition – what you draw has no meaning and there is no good or bad. The idea is to watch your pens make a mark on the paper.

Prompt by: Humaira Tasneem