Generational Trauma

A meditation in three aspects

Science has shown that trauma is passed down generationally through our DNA. In this time of forced isolation, take a moment to meditate on this healing. There are no right answers in this exercise. Only what is best for you.

If you come from:

a lineage of oppression: Celebrate the work you have done to heal yourself, and by doing so the inherited trauma from your ancestors. Honor your ancestors strength and perseverance, and how because of their strength you are here today and able to help let go of the trauma they suffered. What does healing look like for you?

a lineage of oppressors: Meditate on how you are changing a lineage of hate and oppression. How are you using this time to educate yourself on Anti-Racism and Colonialism? Take stock of things you personally need to do better. Take this moment to exist in a space that isn’t comfortable, and be ok with that.

a combined lineage: How have you personally reconciled this conflict within your person? What does healing that conflict look like? Read through both prompts above, and take what you need in order to honor the duality that is You.

Prompt by: Kristine Caswelch