Grief and Art

During this great global quarantine, our behavior has been shaped by the contamination of the world. We have separated ourselves from others in order to escape the virus outside, which is invisible, soundless and deadly. As a result, we have been spending much more time looking out of windows than we ever have before. The window has become the safe way for us to see the world without touching it and to reflect our inside world out.

During times of crises like this one, as we try to make sense of our changing reality, art can serve as a life raft and hold us up while we get our bearings.

Take a large piece of paper and draw a window. In each of the panes, draw or paste photographs of the objects and/or people that are important to you. Hang it up where you can easily see it. Creating a comfort window will remind you of their love and support.

Prompt by: Susan Hoffman Fishman