The Enemy of the Mind

As humans, we are born kicking and screaming with fight laced deep within our bones.

This is something we are all given, to use in times to protect ourselves from the world when it decides to go against us. That in itself, is an easy enough enemy to perceive, an outside threat.

The threat that is much harder to detect, is the enemy of the mind. As it sneaks around through the shadows of your psyche, hiding in the crevices, planting seeds of sorrow wherever it deems fit.

Now enemies of the mind are tricky ones, and they’ll convince you through deceptive whispers that you should nurture these seeds, that in the long run they will heal you. However, this is nothing more than a trick that, if catered to, will grow unrelentingly. Refusing to stop until it has ensnared your entire mind with thorny, prickling vines.

True as this may be, do not worry, because this enemy is only as strong as you believe it to be. For you see, seeds cannot grow if you refuse to water them.

Prompt by: Aerin Wolfgang