Interplaying with the grief. Put on a piece of music (3-5 min long instrumental works great) and begin to move. Taking care of your body and listening – Does it need to move gently with a swaying motion? Does it need to thrust and stomp around? Does it need to stand still? Where are you feeling heaviness in your body? Notice it. Be gentle with yourself. We are not judging that it is there or how long it has been there we are just noticing it. Now put on another piece of music (2+ min). This time we are moving and adding our voice. What sounds want to come out as we move? Words? Snippets of Songs? Wailing? Allow yourself to move and sound visualizing the grief residing in your body loosening and if it’s ready gently leaving your body. Take a moment when the music is over to notice. Ground yourself by taking deep breaths and scan your body. What are you noticing? Put on one more song (pick one of your favorites). Now let’s do a dance on behalf of you and your journey moving how your body wants to move in the moment (this comes from InterPlay¬©).

Prompt by: Christine Gautreaux, MSW