A drawing of a woman in profile. She is staring intently at the viewer while she sews up parts of her flesh that are torn apart showing her biological matter inside.

Dealing With Past Wrongs and Resentments

Anger, resentment and unforgiveness are heavy burdens to carry and, if not dealt with, can sabotage your grief journey.

Writing a letter to the one who has wronged you can be incredibly healing. Take your time composing the letter. Begin by talking about things you have most appreciated about your loved one. Then talk about the things you are most angry about. Then, declare your emotional independence from them – “I am choosing to no longer let this anger control me.” Read the letter aloud to them. Then burn the letter and bury the ashes in the ground, planting something beautiful over the ashes.

Prompt by: National Hospice Cooperative (NHC)