A stylized ink drawing of two female faces, one taller and older and the other smallers, embracing with eyes closed and arms wrapped around one another. The taller woman is in a pattenred dress with pink black and white shapes. The two figures' hair is painted in flat pink and blends together into a single shapre flowing around them. The background above is curved, parallel lines with patterned hatching.

Let Others Know What You Need

It is a good idea to clearly communicate with caring friends and family what would be most helpful to you in your grief journey. They may need to be educated on what are common expressions of grief to provide optimal support.

Take a moment to consider: What would be helpful to hear right now? What do I not want to hear? What does support look like for me right now? Who might be able to offer that support?

Place a phone call to ask for something you need.

Prompt by: National Hospice Cooperative (NHC)