A painting of a female face with dark hair, eyes closed, almost entirely obscured by rows of painted flowers in pink, red, and white which flow over the figure.

When Tears Won’t Come

My mother always said tears are cleansing for the soul. But sometimes the tears just won’t come.

Sit in a quiet place that can get wet. Wear something white. Put on music that calms you. Perhaps, light a candle. Have water ready in a bowl. Imagine that the bowl is blessed or say a blessing over it. You may put flower petals, essential oils, or a favorite stone in the bowl. Now, dip your fingers into the water and, starting at the corner of your eyes, lightly trail them down your cheeks. Let the water gather at your chin. As you do this, list out who/what you miss. And say, “I weep for you.” As in, “Time with my loved one, I weep for you.” “Dancing, I weep for you.” “Graduation Day, I weep for you.” Let the water guided by your fingers be your surrogate tears. Linger and weep for whomever/whatever as long as you need.

Prompt by: Lauren Andreu