Artwork by: Jocelyn Rarey

Natural Cycles of the Universe

The process of grieving is a natural one. Whenever I feel out of control of my life and my circumstances, I remember that there’s entire natural world out there that keeps moving without me. To remind myself that I am a part of nature and a part of its cycles, I like to close my eyes.

Pay attention to your breathing – you do not need to control it. It will slow down naturally as you sit with it. Now imagine your inhale as a wave receding back into the ocean, returning home. Once you have completed your inhale, imagine your exhale as the wave releasing and reaching further out onto the beach until it’s reached as far out as it can, and then allow it to return to the ocean again with your inhale. Repeat for as long as you feel comfortable. Enjoy your time alone on the beach.

You are a vital part of the natural cycles of the universe. In you, the cycle of grief can be lived and it can pass. Everything is temporary. Even pain.

Prompt by: Jocelyn Rarey