A vertically oriented abstract collage that includes images of plants and architecture as well as large color cutouts of grays and greens.

Working With Fragments

When I gather the fragments together, nothing makes sense. Everything is scattered and haphazard. But something may catch my eye, something accidental and unexpected. A color combination, a shape I hadn’t noticed before, a random clipping, suddenly come together in a surprising way. It feels worth keeping; the sum of the parts. It’s like a new story I can look to and it sparks my imagination.

Gather together: glue or tape, paper (blank, colored, magazines, brochures, anything you have lying around), scissors

Try making a collage. Layer images together. Play with color, scale, what is in front and in back. It doesn’t have to make sense. A natural “order” may emerge.

Prompt by: Michelle Lynn Dyrness