A lineoleum cut print in blue of a drawing of a human heart. The anatomically correct image seems to be pulsating.

Grief and Love

In grief we feel the intense loss of a loved one. It can help us to remember that love is an infinite resource. The love we feel extends not only to those people, animals, or spirits who are with us, but also to those who have gone before us and are still to come.

Take a moment to write down the names of loved ones who have died and place them in a bowl. You can name their specific qualities or actions, or just express gratitude and love for their presence in your life. Either on your own or as a group read each name out loud. The dead can be loved ones you know personally or not, individuals or community groups, inspiring leaders or fellow travelers, humans or other living beings, from other historical periods or from your own lifetime.

Don’t limit yourself, love is an infinite resource!

Prompt by: Jillian Sandell and Doug Blanc