A screenprint with watercolor of a river with five tributaries. It travels from top to bottom and the roman number 5 is written at the top.

Expressing Grief

The 5 of Water in the ECOtarot deck is pictured here. The water cards are related to emotions and the 5 cards are cards that relate to loss. This loss is something that must be passed through in order for something new to emerge.


Grief can be heavy and hard to express because of the extremes of emotions that arise. An exercise to help you express your emotions:

– Fill a large bowl with fresh water.

– Find a quiet place where you can sit where it is ok if water spills.

– Place the bowl on your lap or on a hard stable surface like a table or floor.

– Submerge your entire face (eyes, mouth, nose) in the water and scream, yell, curse, rail against your higher power – whatever you need to express.

– Come up for air as needed and refill bowl as many times as you need.

Prompt by: Adriene Jenik and Luana Lynch