A vertically oriented photograph of the sky at dusk with a migrating "V" of birds moving from right to left.

Lingering Grief

I lost my Abuela to this pandemic. It’s been months, yet I still cry all the time. She raised me. As someone whose primary love language is physical touch, the pain of not being able to touch her while she was on a ventilator for three weeks often feels insurmountable.


There are steps we can take to help us remember them/ourselves:

– Hug yourself today. Try to remember what their embrace felt like. Let yourself cry. Release the tension in your body.

– Be in nature. Notice the leaves. Listen to them. Listen to the wind. Feel the air. Take deep breaths. Listen to your breath.

– Practice Active Looking: look at the world around you in wonder. Say something out loud that reflects that sentiment. For example, “Wow, that tree is incredibly beautiful.” or “The color of the sky is incredible right now.”

– Call a loved one; tell them what they help you remember about yourself.